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    General Inquiry


    In this section, you can find a general questions about habalitv services
    How can I watch HabaliTV?
    Watch HabaliTV on your favourite streaming devices, including: Roku streaming players & Roku TV™ models, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV streaming players & TV models (such as the Nvidia Shield & televisions manufactured by Sony, Sharp, and more), on your computer , as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.
    To watch HabaliTV, simply sign up at, download the HabaliTV app in the app store for your device, and log in using the credentials we send you.

    Where is HabaliTV available?
    HabaliTV is available across North America (United States, Canada ) , United Kingdom and Europe. You only require an internet connection and a supported streaming device, including: Roku streaming players & Roku TV™ models, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV streaming players & TV models (such as the Nvidia Shield & televisions manufactured by Sony, Sharp, and more),as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

    How do I cancel HabaliTV?
    HabaliTV is flexible. There are no contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online by login on our website. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account anytime.
    Managing Your HABALI TV


    In this section, you can find tips and tricks  about habalitv services
    How can I manage HabaliTV account?
    You can manage your HabaliTV account information, including email & mobile phone number, or payment method changes, by simply logging into your 'My Account' from the HabaliTV website.

    Why can’t I sign in to My Account?
    If you are unable to sign in with your current password, request a password reset email. You will receive an email with password reset instructions, that will allow you to log in to your 'My Account'.

    Why do I see a message that there is a problem with my payment method?
    This message indicates that HabaliTV was unable to collect payment because the financial institution rejected the monthly charge.
    To resolve the issue, sign in to your 'My Account' and update or change your payment method. In most cases, this will resolve the issue.
    If you're still having trouble updating your account with new payment information, please try a different payment method, or contact your financial institution to ensure your payment information is up to date and supports recurring transactions.

    How do I pay for HabaliTV? How am I billed?
    You can pay for your HabaliTV subscription using Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, as well as Visa and MasterCard debit cards. When you sign up to our service , you will be subscribed to automated recurring billing and you can cancel at anything if you do not wish to continue to use HabaliTV.
    Managing Your HABALI TV


    In this section, you can find all about managing habalitv services
    How do I sign up?
    Follow these easy steps to start watching HabaliTV today:
    •Register for HabaliTV and pay for a package, you will receive an email confirmation
    •Download the HabaliTV app on your compatible device
    •Enter your username and password
    •Start Watching!

    Is HabaliTV easy to use?
    Yes! To start watching HabaliTV on your phone, tablet, or TV, sign up at, make sure you have an internet connection and supported device, download the HabaliTV app from the app store of your choice, and start watching right away.

    How do I download the HabaliTV app?
    HabaliTV is available to download in application stores for Apple TV, iOS (iPad/iPhone), Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and certified Android TV devices.
    Simply search for “HabaliTV” in the application store search field and install.

    How many people can watch at the same time?
    You may access HabaliTV content on up to 2 devices simultaneously.
    One Streaming device and one phone or table Can I watch when travelling?
    Yes! As long as you have access to a high speed internet connection.

    What is DVR? How does it work?
    Watch previously aired programming with our popular DVR feature!
    Simply scroll back in your TV guide and click on the desired show. ‘ CatchUP ’ TV is offered for programming which aired within the last 2 days on selected channels.
    You can also ‘Pause & Restart’ anytime. Never miss a show again!

    Do you offer Parental Controls?
    Yes. Parental controls can be enabled within HabaliTV’s settings.

    How do I save to My Favourites?
    It is easy to add content to your favourites with HabaliTV.
    Simply select your desired content, whether it be a live TV program or an on-demand title, and select the “Add to My Favourite” button. From the main menu, select My Favorite to view all your favourite programming in one place.

    How do I find or search for live TV channel?
    HabaliTV’s search option makes it easy to find a live TV channel.
    Use our in-app search function to find your desired channel, Searching for your favourite programming has never been this easy!
    Technical Help & Troubleshooting


    In this section, you can find how to do face and resolving some troubles concerning to habali tv services
    Having Trouble Watching HabaliTV?
    Like all streaming services, HabaliTV stability and performance is dependent on the quality of your internet connection.
    If you experience trouble watching HabaliTV, in the vast majority of situations, the problem is related to performance fluctuations of the underlying internet connection, or your local network.

    HabaliTV recommends that, wherever possible, your device be connected to the internet via ethernet cable, to mitigate any problems which could be experienced as a result of fluctuations in wireless connectivity.

    •Ensure you are attempting to access service using a supported device
    •Ensure you are not connected to a public Wi-Fi network
    •If using Wi-Fi, ensure your wireless connection is stable, or use a wired, ethernet connection for best results (if available)
    •Restart your internet modem and router. It should resolve the problem

    What Internet connection speed is required for HabaliTV?
    HabaliTV recommends a minimum download speed of 3 Mbps(3 Megabits per second ) , per device, to achieve the highest video quality while using HabaliTV.

    Can I watch HabaliTV using a VPN or proxy?
    HabaliTV may not work as expected when using a VPN or proxy, and we recommend disabling these prior to attempting to access HabaliTV service.
    If you have modified your streaming device or home network to use custom connection
    settings, restore your internet provider's default settings and try HabaliTV again.
    •If you are connecting with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy service, disable it and connect directly with your home internet.
    •If you have changed your streaming device or home network to utilize custom DNS settings, try resetting these devices to acquire DNS automatically.
    If you require assistance changing these connection settings on your streaming device or local network, please reach out to your Internet Service Provider or device manufacturer for support.

    What should I do if my device freezes or becomes unresponsive?
    If your streaming device experiences freezing, or becomes unresponsive, we recommend performing the steps below to help identify and resolve this behavior.

    Restart your device
    •Unplug your streaming device
    from power for at least 1 minute
    •Plug your device back in
    •Turn the device back on
    •Try HabaliTV again

    Restart your home network
    •Turn off your streaming device
    •Unplug both your modem and router and wait 30 seconds
    •Plug in your modem and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking
    •Plug in your router and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking
    •Turn on your streaming device and try HabaliTV again.
    If you have completed the steps above but are still experiencing freezing and unresponsiveness on your device, you will want to contact your internet service provider and/or device manufacturer for assistance. They can help you diagnose and resolve network connectivity issues or device performance errors.

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